Emily Tobias

Wrapping Up (session 16)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At the beginning of the class I named this blog: Adventures in Color Theory, and I really believe that the phrase held true. This, by far was my most challenging, yet at the same time most fun and rewarding class of the semester. I have never really painted before, now I am looking into buying some more paint! Patterns as a concept have always fascinated me but now I am obsessed with creating my own in endless color combinations. Thanks to the color project, I am now seeing violet and its cousins everywhere, and all of my friends and family get a good laugh in when I use violet with out even realizing it. Overall, I have learned how to effectively use color, and the endless ways in which one can do so. I was really sad to see this class end but I think as a good personal exercise I am going to try to keep the blog going as on outlet to showcase cool designs, patterns and color that I encounter on and off the web!

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