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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trish Moore, one of my favorite profs from MICA, once told me that she loves to collect art, including trading pieces with her artist friends. I have always thought that this is such a wonderful idea, but I never thought I had enough money to begin such a venture. Without even thinking about it, I started my collection last year with the purchase of some beautiful screen prints. Today during color theory, Michelle showed us that she is the featured artist on the 20×200 website! This site has always been on my radar but I had never bought any of the prints before. Well, today that all changed because soon I will be the proud owner of a Michelle Hinebrook and a Marian¬†Bantjes print! I am so excited to begin filling my walls more! Below are the pictures and links to the prints that I bought.

This is the Michelle Hinebrook print:

And here is the Bantjes Print:

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