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A Chicken Made of… paper!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Look! A chicken made out of paper!


Andy Singleton has been featured on Strictlypaper a couple of times now it is due to his superb mastery in paper crafting. While working with stylist Nikki Docker, he was commissioned to create a series of installations at Hermés based on the theme of travel and adventure. He created three paper chickens, 3 small 30cm boats and one large scale, partial boat, approximately one meter long that appears to be riding on paper waves. Lovely job!

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  1. Nancy Tobias says:

    I love chickens! They go back to my childhood days when my grandfather took me to Lombard Street to pick out our chicken dinner from the “Chicken Lady”. Paper chickens are so cool and I wish I had one to decorate my kitchen!

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